LONGi Solar ist ein weltweit führender Hersteller von hocheffizienten monokristallinen Solarzellen und -modulen.

2016-11-16 | Solar PV Ireland conference

LERRI Solar joins Irish solar energy conference to promote terminal value of MONO

By oversea marketing department Datum: 2016-11-16

The two-day Solar PV Ireland conference brought together high-level decision makers, developers, installers and investors from the Irish Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Commission for Energy Regulation, ESB Networks, EirGrid, etc. to discuss how to accelerate the sustainable development of the PV industry in the Republic of Ireland. 

Dr. FANG Hongbin, Director of Technical Marketing, LERRI Solar, delivered a speech titled “How using mono modules enables lower LCOE” at the conference, analyzed the power plant investment value of monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules based on the technical advantages of monocrystalline, and introduced LERRI Solar’s monocrystalline cost advantages and technical routes, which attracted wide attention from the audience. 

With the termination of the UK's ROC (Renewables Obligation Certificates) and the year-on-year decline in subsidies, UK PV plant investors are turning their attention to Ireland, the "back garden of the UK". LERRI Solar’s deployment in the Irish market is also a part of its overseas strategic deployment. 

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